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QLA Community is set up to create a community of people passionate about sanitizing the digital lending space, ensuring loan apps play according to the rules and respect Nigerian consumers, and stop abusing and sending derogatory messages to them.

We now want to populate the community with formidable group of writers to create a formidable voice in the digital lending industry in Nigeria and further sanitize the space.

Posts by members should be related to quick loans, loan apps, complaints against loan or digital apps, new app launch by companies, developments in the quick or digital loan industry, news in the digital loan industry, any update you want us to know in the industry, report any laon app or platform. YOU DO ALL THESE AND STILL EARN MONEY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.

QLA Community Membership benefits

1. Register as a member and create a sensible post of not less than 150 words, you get N250 CREDITED IN YOUR ACCOUNT.

2. Refer someone to register and make a post, you get N200 CREDITED IN YOUR ACCOUNT. While your referral gets N250 CREDITED IN HIS/HER ACCOUNT.

3. For each additional post you make, you get N100.

4. For each reasonable comments you make on other people’s posts, you get N50.

5. Payments are made daily through direct account transfer at the end of the day by 12 midnight.

6. If you already registered but haven’t made any post, please do so now and update us with your link and earn your money into your account.

What are you waiting for? Join Quick Loan Arena Community, Create a post, refer others and start earning real money 💰💰💰 into your account!

After you do any of the above, simply send a message to our business whatsapp line (0915 382 1578) with the link of your post, comment, or referral with your bank account details to receive your earning at the close of the day.


Sign up and start earning.

Call or whatsapp our hotlines 0915 382 1578 or 0803 385 7245 for more information.

QLA Community… Sanitizing the quick digital loan industry in Nigeria..

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