AimLoan app loaned me N29,400 to pay N43,000 in 7 days — Nigerian worker cries out

AimLoan app loaned me N29,400 to pay N43,000 in 7 days — Nigerian worker cries out

A poor Nigerian worker has cried out to QUICK LOAN ARENA to help push his case out to the court of public forum and opinion so he can get justice.  39-year old civil servant, Kehinde Oladeinde (not real names) who works in Abuja says he borrowed N29,400 from AimLoan loan app on the 17th of October because his salary could not meet up with his financial obligations and family need.

AimLoan And Many Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria Continue To Illegally Lend Nigerians Money At 7-Day Tenure

Kehinde told QUICK LOAN ARENA he wasn’t aware the repayment was for 7 days and that he had to pay back N43,000 on the 23rd of October before he applied for the loan. It was after the loan was approved that the loan shark  revealed its real true colour and pronounced the verdict… 7 days repayment with N43,000 repayment amount contrary to the 3% per month displayed on their profile.

The customer was apparently in a strait when he applied for the loan as his son was sick and he needed some quick loan to treat him in the hiospital. He has no other option than to request for the loan. He proceeded to borrow the money from AimLoan loan app. Unfortunately after 7 days he was requested to pay up N43,000 and he could not pay fully. He paid N30,000 on due date and begged them to pay back the balance N13,000 the next day, but they declined and went after him.

Read below as Kehinde recounts his gory experiences with this loan shark organization.

My name is Kehinde Oladeinde. I live in Abuja and I am a civil servant. I borrowed N29,400 from AimLoan loan app and was expected to pay back N43,000 just for 7 days tenure. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet up full repayment on the 7th day especially because of the high interest charges. I paid back N30,000 begging to balance N13,000 the next day.

However AimLoan couldn’t have any of my explanation and went all out to embarass all my phone contact list numbers including my parent who was sick in the hospital and my boss at work. I almost lost my job due to this embarrassment and apparent loss of integrity I suffered. My mum is still in the hospital at this moment, after she got this message.

See below the message AimLoan sent me the very day the loan “fell due” and after paying N30,000.


Imagine they sent this message to my parents and boss.

QUICK LOAN ARENA understands that this loan agency and many others like it are allegedly callous, mean and treacherous. Nigerians should avoid them. Also Google should enforce its policy on loan repayment tenure and remove them from its Play Store. Many more people will be scammed if they are not aware of these and that’s why I am passing this information across. I will be personally glad if your noble platform can help propagate my experience so other Nigerians can beware and not fall victim.

QUICK LOAN ARENA tried severally to reach AimLoan on their customer service number: 0909 500 4120 displayed on their profile at Google Play Store to balance our story but our several attempts were futile as they could not be reached. The response we got was: “The number you are calling is not assigned to a customer, please check the number and call again.” Also QUICK LOAN ARENA checked the number on Truecaller and it showed it as “Scammer”.

QUICK LOAN ARENA checks reveal AimLoan is hosted as a finance app on Google Play Store. What the loan app is doing is against the policy of Google. According to one of the policy statements of Google for loan apps hosted on its Play Store: “We only allow personal loan apps with full repayment required in greater than or equal to 60 days from the date the loan is issued… apps that fail to do so will be removed without further notice.” However many of the loan apps in Nigeria are contravening this policy and yet are continuously being hosted on Pla Store even with complaints from numerous Nigerians.

QUICK LOAN ARENA published a story yesterday warning everyone about some alleged scam loan apps which are predating and impoverishing Nigerians.

NCash, Sokoloan, PalmCash, 9credit, GotoCash, Cash Wallet, ForNaira loan apps are scamming Nigerians, Google Play should ban them.

Nigerians should beware. Google should take action. The regulatory authorities in Nigeria should enforce local laws.

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About the Author: Femi Adeoya

Mr Femi Adeoya is a Chartered Forensic Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. He has over 20 years professional work experience in accounting, finance and business management processes. As an Accounting Software Expert, he has implemented and supervised accounting solution set up of over 50 small and medium businesses in Nigeria. As a passionate blogger, Mr Adeoya is an ardent writer and communicationist. He is the CEO of QUICK LOAN ARENA (, the number 1 loan apps review website in Nigeria. He is very passionate about the quick and instant loan industry in Nigeria and has written over 200 reviews on different loan apps and digital banks in Nigeria, USA, Canada and UK.


  1. Hm
    This is exactly what I’m going through right now
    Aimloan are criminals
    Nobody should take loan from that company, they will make your life miserable
    Aimloan are scammers

    1. Aimloan app are scammers, after I have paid the money they loan me they are still messages threatening messages.

  2. We can all cry that they are scammers and all that stuff but what are we willing to do about it.
    From my view, we can write petitions to CBN to streamline legitimate loan companies and remove all these mushroom loan sharks. Google could be petitioned as well.

  3. They did the same to me, I suffered financial setback because of these people and made life a living hell for me. How will you offer to borrow someone 65000 but sends 47500 to the person to repay 69550 in seven days?? They should be brought to book!
    They accuse me of a being a criminal and also for practicing beastiality

  4. The operators of AIMLOAN are criminal. How can they offer me a loan of 31,000 on the app and disburse 23,250 and expect me to repay 33,170 just in 7days.

    And the worst is that they will call and threaten the life out of. you

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