Top 20 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria (20 “Best For” Picks In 2022)

This article will address the very best and reliable top 20 loan apps in Nigeria for quick and fast lending services. It will also analyze what each lending platform is best known for and why they are the 20 “Best For” Picks In 2022. You are therefore in the right place if you need an instant loan for your financial emergency. Raed on!

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There are quite a number of complaints we have received from customers about the unethical practices by fraudulent and illegal online lending platforms, and we have decided to change the narratives by making our own recommendation from customer feedbacks and practical experiences of our own top 20 “best for” picks for quick lending in Nigeria. The make up of this carefully selected list are in our opinion the most legit  instant loan apps in Nigeria in 2022 for emergency cash loans, for low interest, with the highest loan amounts of up to N100,000, to N200,000 and even more, for business loans and generally considered by customer feedback and reviews as most reliable and reputable.

These recommended digital lenders are dependable, are reachable and operate fast loan processing procedures with no need of collateral, documentation or guarantors, to meet your emergency demand for funds and urgent financial obligations. There are many lending platforms and digital banks out there and you may be tempted to contact just anyone that comes handy. However with the threatening and defamatory messages from many fake loan apps and loan sharks these days, it may be necessary to only patronize platforms that are customer friendly and wont compromise your private data to unsolicited public and practice only high ethical lending standards.

How To Use Emergency Loan Apps To Apply For Quick Lending In Nigeria in 2022

QUICK LOAN ARENA understands that most of the quick loans have zero physical documentation, and no need of collateral and it can be applied online just using your mobile phone. By visiting the official website of the lender or downloading their apps either from Google Play Store or app store, you will be able to apply for instant cash. You will have to enter your personal and income details for loan processing. After entering basic details such as address, BVN, NIN, bank details, photograph, etc., and uploading the valid documents, your loan will be approved or rejected.

Summary Of The Top 10 “Best For” Picks For Loan Applications In Nigeria In 2022

Typical features that accompany most of the lending apps include quick registration process, quick verification, no collateral, documentation or guarantee required. However you may have to put up with their higher interest rate and lower tenure usually within 1 to 12 months. Please do note that we discourage our readers from patronizing loan sharks, with less than 30 days loan tenure.

We present you below analysis of ranking of the finest and best loan applications in Nigeria, which may make the process of getting a personal loan a lot easier and more convenient and seamless. To learn more about them, keep scrolling.

S /No.

Application Name

“Best For” Pick

Playstore Rating

No. of Downloads

1 Branch Loan App Best Overall Lending Platform in Nigeria 4.5/5 10 Million
2 Carbon Loan App Best for Building Credit Score 4.4/5 1 Million
3 FairMoney Loan App Best for Highest Loan Tenure 4.4/5 5 Million
4 Aella Credit Loan App Best for Easy Loan Processing 4.4/5 1 Million
5 Umba Loan App Best for Low Interest and Zero Charges 3.8/5 1 Million
6 Renmoney Loan App Best for Microfinance Bank Loan 3.3/5 500,000
7 QuickCheck Loan App Best for Customer Data Privacy 4.5/5 1 Million
8 Alat By Wema Loan App Best for Salary Earners 3.8/5 1 Million
9 Lendigo Loan App Best for Small Business Loans 4.1/5 100,000
10 Quick Credit Loan App Best for Good Customer Service 4.5/5 500,000

A Complete List Of The Top 20 “Best For” Picks For Loan Applications In Nigeria In 2022

 Below is our comprehensive list of Top 20 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria for 2022 (And What Each of Them Are Best For!).

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  1. Good job. I wonder how you came about item 11, iMoney. As of this morning, they are no longer on Google Playstore, a result of complaints on their fraudulent activities. They send damning messages to people’s contacts, and even pass threats to life, not to talk of their crazy interest rates of over 33% in 2 weeks. You are doing a good job, but please work more on your research, as a lot of people bank on the information you provide. Cheers

      1. Please which loan app can give me #500000 within 24 hour instantly….. I have tried some of these apps and they keep telling me long stroies. Please which one can give me #500000 for sure within 24 hour instantly.

  2. Pls remove wecredit, starloan, easynaira, faircredit, quickcredit, icredit, kashnow, they are all loan sharks , they give 6-7days repayment and send defamatory messages to contacts of customers

  3. Good day sir, How do I return unrequested loan from Rapid naira.can I used the bank acct I formally use to pay the last loan I took from them. The app is not on play store, customer care number are not responding,no email or text from them after disbursement. what must I do to avoid the interest. thanks

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