How Borderless Money Transfer Is Being Made Easier With FXKudi

Have you been searching for an easy way to send money to your family and friends across the border without having to go through Western Union or the bank? Then you should consider using FXKudi.

However, before you jump into using this platform, it is important that you know everything about it from how it works, its pros and cons, and every other thing so that you can make an informed decision.

And in this article, I am going to be reviewing the FXKudi app to let you know if it really makes the transfer of money across borders easier or not.

About FXKudi

According to its co-founders, “FXKudi was founded from the need to simplify and democratize cross-border money transfer across Africa. Sending and receiving money has to be easy, simple, and free to allow people, businesses, and countries to connect without borders and easily”.

With the above explanation, we now know that FXKudi is a payment platform that was created to help the smooth transfer of money from one person to another without a traditional bank account. It’s not just an ordinary one but a platform that powers people to make monetary transfers across borders without the hassle of going to the bank.

You can also receive money using FXKudi as well and withdraw it to your local bank account with ease using their all-in-one digital wallet that enables you to manage multi-currencies in Africa including Nigeria Naira, United States Dollars, and Ghana Cedis, among others.

FXKudi has launched about two years ago, it has different other features and products such as the virtual dollar card for shopping online, the bill and airtime section for buying airtime, and also cable subscription, etc which you can all do on a single mobile app.

Why you should choose FXKudi

If you have any need to send money to people outside of your country ( within Africa), then you would be needed a trusted and reliable platform that enables you to transfer money in your local currency while the receiver receives it in their own local currencies too.

With FXKudi it is possible to send and receive money in Africa in a matter of seconds. Like the startup’s vision has been from the beginning, sending money across borders shouldn’t have to be difficult but easy, fast, and simple.

You may shop and pay for anything online with your FXKudi card on over a thousand websites that accept it.

With the FXKudi mobile app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones, you can register for a free account and begin sending and receiving money.

FXKudi is totally free of charge ( does not require any registration fees).

Things you can do with the FXKudi Mobile App

  1. Send and receive money with the FXKudi mobile app
  2. Pay bills and buy airtime with FXKudi app
  3. Shop on thousands of websites with virtual dollar card
  4. Become a business or an FXKudi agent to earn money
  5. Central wallet to manage multiple currencies and more

How to Get Started with FXKudi

Before you can start using FXKudi for your transactional purposes, you need to first of all download the app and register, to do that follow the guidelines below.

  1. Visit the Google store ( for Andriod users)  or the Apple Store ( for iOS users) and download the app
  2. Click on the signup button and fill in your information correctly.
  3. You may be required to verify your email address in most cases, if not, move to the next step to check your email inbox to verify
  4. Verify KYC usually with your ID card to get in

Congratulations, your account has been created and is now fully ready for a transaction if you have followed the above steps carefully.

Now, you may be wondering how you can send money using the FXKudi app, don’t worry,  just follow the guidelines below and start sending money.

Steps to transfer money after registration;

  1. Select sending and receiving currency 
  2. Provide receiver’s account information
  3. Complete payment process

Now you know how to send money using the FXKudi app, however, if you are the receiving party, all you need to do is give your wallet details to the sender and in less than no time, the money will be in your account.

However, if you are someone that loves to make money online, you can also make money with the FXKudi referral program where you get paid for referring others to use the app.

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