Cash Mall loan app: Terrible customer service, poor repayment update

Cash Mall loan app: Terrible customer service, poor repayment update

Cash Mall is a professional loan app for mobile users and it’s hosted on Google Play Store. With intelligent and convenient online loan process, customers could get access to a loan anytime anywhere.

Loan application process is secure and safe. Cash Mall loan app promises never to share customer’s information to anyone without consent.

1. Loans Amount vary from NGN 2,000 to NGN 100,000.

2. Loan Tenure claim to be 91 days ~ 365 days on their dashboard but customers say Cash Mall tenure is 7 days and this is against Gogle Policy for loan apps hosted on its Play Store.

3.The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 36%.

4. This loan app charge origination fee apart from interest, ranging from 1% to 9%… is that permitted by Google Play Store and local laws?

5. 24/7  claim to process loans.

6. It claims to use computer to automatically review loan application.

For Example:
91-day loan payment terms have a origination fee of 8%. For the loan processed with principal amount of NGN.10,000, the origination fee would be NGN.800, the total amount due would be NGN.10,800.

1.Download Cash Mall App from google play store and install.
2.Register with your phone number.
3.Fill in basic information.
4.After the submission of the loan application, the final result will be shown in the APP.
5.If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed into the bank account directly.

Customer Service Email: (This customer contact is unacceptable. This app has no website, no physical office address and no social media pages. All these are violations to Google laws where it’s hosted and also to local laws of Nigeria.

To download Cash Mall app on Google Play Store, CLICK HERE.

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Omole Bidemi
25 October 2021
I have made your repayment since yesterday the due date. Uptill now it has not been cleared. I have sent mail to your email since yesterday. Then this morning I am seeing overdue. If you thinki will pay this overdue you are mistaken o. All mobile numbers are switched off.

Joseph Chukwu
26 August 2021
Good app, but a kind of annoying….. Since yesterday I’ve been trying to pay back since yesterday, after putting all my card details then to enter my pin will be an issues I’ve been trying to access your customer care but all to no avail… Please you guys should do something cus I can’t afford to pay any over due cus my due date is today.. Thanks…. Possible chat me up on whatsapp….. Please work on your customer service,

Faith Akande
19 September 2021
Please, the comapany contacts on this app needs to be changed to functional ones. Both for calls and whatsapp. I have repaid my loan since on the 15th of September, i sent the proof of payment through email no response, try to connect through the numbers switched off. But instead i kept receieving messages and charges daily.. i have already paid pls

Enny Iverson
15 October 2021
This is such a useless app and a am so disapponted. I appleid for the loan, i got a message the loan has been sent to my bank account, up till now have not seen any credit alert, kept calling and messaging, but no response, to make matters worse its not even up to 24hours i applied and they already said am 2days out of the 7days payment perioud.. As in i dont understand.. Such a useless app runned by scams.

Adetayo Jimoh
15 October 2021
This application is good, but the high interest rate is much and is not helping at all, the seven days due for repayment is too short because of the high interest rate and the behavior of the staff are very bad they don’t have good manners at all, in fact they behave like animals, the manners of approaching are very bad, they need to make use of the information collected from people concerning salary payment day, instead of abusing people any how. The debursment is very fast, I will give 2stars

Juliet Eromobor
7 October 2021
Your customer service line is switched off. Your email is not attended to. Your WhatsApp line no response. Too bad. I have paid off my loan since 06/10/21 and yet no response instead I receive annoying and threatening calls and SMS messages from you. Please go and clear my dashboard o. I have paid my loan. As for your so call overdue charges you will pay that yourself because I am not owing you. Go and clear me quickly.

Issy Olu
16 October 2021
I do not understand. What the hell is going on here? I paid out my loan since yesterday and up until now, I have not been cleared. The charge just got high, guess what, I am not paying any additional fee. You guys fix this. I can’t reach the help line and customer care line you dropped the number has been switched off. Clear me now, thanks.

Hope Bernard
12 October 2021
I would have given 5star but this is the second time I’m unable to pay through the app via paystack or monify, which is the only issue I have apart from the crazily high interest. I transferred to your account and sent the proof of payment, yet the loan has not been cleared and it’s already adding overdue payment to the loan. Kindly clear it as I won’t be responsible for paying the overdue fee since I payed on the due date. Your other products like ggmoney doesn’t give me this issue. Thanks

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  1. Good morning pls I made payment since yesterday not for loan that supposed to due in 3days time til now v not been cleared

  2. 223727 669151This put up is totaly unrelated to what I used to be seeking google for, even so it was indexed on the very first page. I guess your doing something correct if Google likes you adequate to location you at the initial page of a non related search. 608415

  3. I made payment of 12924 before my due date and for 3 days now I have not been cleared , no customer service , no WhatsApp no and their giving me penalty fee

  4. I have made payment since Morning and I have not been cleared. I called the customer service number no reply and now the number is off. I have sent mail no reply.
    Thank u.

  5. I have made payment since Morning and I have not been cleared. I called the customer service number no reply and now the number is off. I have sent mail no reply.
    Thank u.

  6. I have made payment since on Saturday and no one has attended to me. I called the customer care she keep on busying my number. What will I do?

  7. I have paid your money since yesterday(8/5/2022) the due date, I am only waiting for clearance but to my greatest surprise the clearance has not been carried out and today (9/5/2022) the dashboard shows overdue stuff just count me out of this overdue thing. Do the needful now.

  8. I don’t even understand these people or their customers care they lack manners of approach
    This morning if 23 of July 2022 I made of payment of 5k from my wallet To these account
    7359781709 wema bank which I saw on the app easycheck finance investment ltd flw
    Am really confused called the customer they are just too rude

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