Join The QLA Business Club: Save, invest and borrow money with ease

No more threats, begging, blackmailing or defamatory messages from loan sharks or nasty ‘friends and family’.


Start building your own business with personal lenders, business mentoring and group support.

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0915 382 1578.


1. Quick Loan Arena offers a social and business support service for members of its QLA Business Club.

2. You must be a member of QLA Business Club to borrow, save, invest, lend, earn interest or participate in business activities.

3. For those in urgent need of a quick loan for personal or domestic reasons, your Personal Lender can help, or we can direct you to the best lending sites. We can even guarantee you, if we already know you well. If you have difficulties with your loan, we can help you clear it, so you pay us later, and we will protect you from any loan sharks using the law.

4. You can borrow from members of the club at low interest rates to start a new business, grow your current business or join a business we recommend to you as a franchisee.

5. To become a member, please fill in the online form and register with N5,000. Half of the money goes to who registers you, and half goes to QLA for administrative purposes.

6. Members are expected to start saving and show evidence of saving to remain a member. You can use your savings to lend to other members at better interest rates because we have very low overheads. Once we set up a Cooperative or Micro-Credit bank, all savings will be transferred to that organisation.

7. Loan amounts can start from N10,000, then grow in increments of N10,000 up to N100,000. This is to test you. As your business improves and trust grows, your Personal Lender can lend you more.

8. Loan Tenures are for:
1 week at 5%
2 weeks at 10%
1 Calendar month at 20%
Plus 5% of the loan paid to your Guarantor. You must pay back capital and interest at the end of the loan tenure, then receive the new capital the next day, until you increase it, reduce it or decide you no longer need it.

9. There are categories, levels and registration fees of members as follows:
Borrowers: N5,000
Guarantors: N20,000
Personal Lenders: N100,000
Area Managers: N200,000
LGA Managers: N300,000
State Managers: N500,000
Zonal Managers: N1,000,000
More levels will be introduced as the Business Club grows.

10. You can invite people to join the club at any level and take 50% of their registration fee at the level they join. For each higher level they join you will receive 50% of their registration fees. This gives you an opportunity to work as a QLA marketer, full-time or part-time.

11. You can also recruit Investors and Directors to take shares in the Business Club or businesses set up by the Business Club; and be paid 10% of the investment they make.

12. There is an annual subscription fee that is equal to the registration fee at the level you are registered. This must be paid before the end of February of each year. Failure to pay will end all services until you pay. Interest rate will be charged according to the prevailing interest rate of the Business Club.

13. A Commission fee of 10% shall be paid to the QLA Business Club for:
(i) all interest on all loans by Personal Lenders;
(ii) all Guarantor fees of 5%
(iii) all declared or projected profits of borrowers.

14. To ensure that the businesses of borrowers succeed, and to reduce management costs, all businesses being developed by QLA shall be provided Accounting services for proper management, transparency and proper declaration of profits and taxes in accordance with the law. Failure to do so shall lead to the termination of services until the breach is rectified and trust restored.

15. To receive loans, you must have at least one person you trust as your Guarantor. He or she must join the Business Club and start earning from all those people they guarantee. You can also be guaranteed against your savings. Your Personal Lender can be your Guarantor and receive all the payments for Guarantors.

16. Once there are enough members, we shall register as a cooperative, to help members make savings, borrow for their businesses or lend their savings to other borrowers, all managed with the support of our accountants and lawyers.

17. You can chat with any of our Personal Lenders for loans, then go into private discussions with them to provide you with long term financial support and mentoring for your business.

18. The Business Club will provide the following services to members:
(i) Administration of loans;
(ii) Business services and training;
(iii) Accounting Services;
(iv) Legal services;
(v) Publicity and promotion of QLA;
(vi) Database of lending; interests and payments;
(vii) Legal action against loan sharks;
(viii) Campaign against loan sharks.
(ix) Dispute resolution between members;
(x) Training, social services and group activities.
Some of these services shall be paid for as rwquired.

The rules shall be continually updated to reflect the needs and opportunities of members.

Call or Whatsapp our business telephone:
0915 382 1578.

QLA Business Club is an initiative of QUICK LOAN ARENA, a sub division of Skytrend Consulting Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria.

    Please fill out the registration form below. You will be added to the club once your membership fees is received. Terms and Conditions Apply

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