Loan Apps Defaming Customers, Defaulters Illegal — Lawyer

An Abuja-based human rights lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, says loan apps defaming customers and defaulters have no such right under the law, adding that such criminalizations are illegal and unconstitutional.

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The lawyer, in a statement, he released vows to start “instituting action in court and defending any individual who feels defamed by any loan shark or lending company posting their pictures or calling or holding them out in public as criminals”.

Abuja Lawyer cries out against Loan Apps Defaming Customers

“We need to immediately put a stop to loan apps defaming customers all over the place and sending threat messages to their families and contact list. The fact that you took a loan and you are unable to pay timeously does not give any individual or company the right to criminalise or defame you with their messages in public. Even Nigeria and the Government have debts everywhere.

“Also, calling or sending messages to me despite the fact that I am not privy or was not involved in your transaction is disturbing and offensive. Any other loan agency that calls or send unwanted messages to my phone from today will have to pay a lawyer to defend themselves in court,” the statement read in part.

Bad Loan Apps In Nigeria To Avoid

Loan Apps Defaming Customers Are Contravening The Law

Recall QUICK LOAN ARENA had earlier published about bad loan apps defaming customers in Nigeria and inflicting pains and torture on poor and unsuspecting customers. These bad lending apps are predatory and fake in nature, most times faceless with no website or physical office address. Our research has revealed that the only objective of these bad loan apps are to scam hapless customers who are unfortunate enough to patronize their lending apps for loan.

These fraudulent loan apps defaming customers for repayment default or demanding for illegal security down payment from their users or asking them to pay processing fees for loan that will never be given. Some others are in the habit of threatening and blackmailing their customers at every given opportunity, insulting and using derogatory languages on them. This has led us to blacklist the lending platforms concerned and let Nigerians be aware to avoid them like a plague at all cost.

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How To Identify Bad Loan Apps In Nigeria

Most of these bad loan apps in Nigeria have tenure ranging from 7- 14 days, this is in breach of Google Policy on loan apps hosted on its Play Store and contravenes local laws in Nigeria. Hear what Google has to say on loan tenure:

We do not allow apps that promote personal loans which require repayment in full in 60 days or less from the date the loan is issued (we refer to these as “short-term personal loans.

Some others have turned their platforms into loan sharks terrorising customers with extremely high interest rate sometimes as high as 75% for 7 days tenure and then later harassing the consumers and their contacts with malicious and defamatory messages even when it’s still a day to the loan expiration. This is unethical.

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  1. Am presently facing threats and my pictures and some of the pictures of people in my contacts are been threatened for loan they know nothing about. Since I took the loan in order to improve my bizness I never knew am signing my death warrant. Have been paying interest of over 30% weekly on loan I took for over two months now. The bizness has crashed because I have to borrow from other loan to pay due to their threat till date.

  2. Same thing happened to me from Star loan and ajeloan there treating message make me sick is God same me , posting my picture and declined me as a criminal dat any body should not have any initiate business transaction with me till I will captured because of 2days over due ,I collect #14000 to pay #24000 with two days over due and I tell them should have patience for me next thing I we see is dat my customer call me dat Star loan send my picture and declined me as a criminal even my neighbor and my imam also send the post to me.pls
    FG should banned them

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