Top 10 Platforms To Get A Loan In Minutes In Nigeria From Top Providers

Where can one get a loan in minutes in Nigeria? This is one question that has become increasingly popular amongst Nigerians. Why is that so one might ask?

Loan In Minutes in Nigeria
Loan In Minutes in Nigeria

You don’t have to look far to know and understand why Nigerians would be looking for fast loan in minutes, in few hours. In 2018, Nigeria surpassed India to become the poverty capital of the world but fortunately for Nigeria, India surpassed it in 2022 as the poverty capital of the world. World Poverty Clock (WPC) statistics show that 39% of the total population in Nigeria is living in extreme poverty. That is a teriffic report.

Top 10 Apps That Give Urgent Loan In Nigeria Without Documentation

 Best 10 Platforms To Get A Loan In Minutes in Nigeria

Most loan apps not just in Nigeria, do not give out loans instantly except you have fulfilled some sort of requirements or you are on a membership plan. So if you are looking to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria, you may need to wait a few hours to get your cash into your account except you have all your profile information handy on your smart phone.

Take note that these loan in minutes comes with no need of collateral, documents or physical presence or office visitation. You may simply apply right in your home using your mobile phone and if you have your basic information filled, your loan can instantly be transferred into your account.

Below are 10 apps that give loan in minutes in Nigeria provided you have fulfilled your requirements and application process. None of them require collateral or documentation or any guarantee.

    1. Renmoney Loan App
    2. Carbon Loan App
    3. Kuda Loan App
    4. Branch Loan App
    5. FairMoney Loan App
    6. Migo Loan App
    7. Aella Credit Loan App
    8. Kiakia Loan App
    9. CreditVille Loan App
    10. Lidya Loan App

10 Best Loan Apps Without ATM Card In Nigeria 2022

1. Renmoney

Our first on the list of 10 apps that give loan in minutes in Nigeria. This lending platform gives out loans to SMEs in Nigeria with an interest rate of 2.8% per month. The minimum amount of loans a business can access is 100,000 NGN.

 2. Carbon (PayLater)

Formerly known as PayLater, Carbon is our number 2 on our list of loan in minutes in Nigeria. This lending app gives you instant access to loans from N1,500 to as high as N1 million with Carbon.

3. Kuda MFB

No 3 on our list of loan in minutes in Nigeria. With Kuda, an online bank, Nigerians can access loans instantly within minutes from N20,000 to as high as N100,000 but you must pay within 30 days. The amount you can access depends on your transaction volume with Kuda. This is one app you can get a loan in minutes in Nigeria.

4. Branch

Branch is a top lending app and no 4 on our list of loan in minutes in Nigeria without collateral.

8 Best Instant Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria

This is a loan app that will make you access funds between N1,000 to N200,000 and you must pay within 4 to 40 weeks. The interest rate ranges between 15% to 34%.

5. Fairmoney

Though many regards FairMoney as one of the most reliable loan apps in Nigeria, the lending platform has quite a high interest rate. Some borrowers due to this experiences now refer to FairMoney as a loan shark, warning potential customers to steer clear.

FairMoney Loan App Is A Loan Shark, Interest Rate Killing — Single Mother

Neverthess the app is one that gives loan in minutes in Nigeria if your application process is complete. You can borrow as low as N2,500 to as high as N150,000 with an interest rate as high as 28%.

6. Migo

You can access Migo loans of up to N500,000 a month with an interest rate between 5% to 15%. Repayment is between 14 to 30 days. It;s a top number in our list of loan in minutes in Nigeria.

7. Aella Credit

Available in Nigeria, the Philippines, and Ghana, Aella Credit helps employees in Nigeria access between N1,500 to N700,000 in a month. Aella loan app gives Nigerians loan in minutes once you complete the application process.

8. KiaKia

The owners of this loan service are none other than Sterling Bank. All you need to do is dial *822# to get started or you would visit their official website here. Once registered you can access a loan in minutes in Nigeria.

9. CreditVille

9th on our list of top loan in minutes without collateral or guarantee, Aella loan app guarantees Nigerians access between N100,000 to N4 million with no collateral. One of their best features is that you can access this credit and payback in the next 18 months. 

10. Lidya

With an interest rate of up to 3.5% per month, you can borrow as much as N150,000 per month with Lydia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Get Loan in 5 Minutes?

To get a loan in 5 minutes, you must have been registered on a loan app or provider in Nigeria. Just go over to their “borrow” option and within 5 minutes you should be able to access your funds. A good example is Kuda.

Can I get a Loan with my BVN?

Yes, you can get a loan with your Bank Verification Number (BVN). Most credible loan providers require your BVN before you can access credit.

Where can I borrow money immediately?

You can choose any of the apps we listed above to borrow money immediately.

Which app gives loan without ATM?

The following are the apps that give loan without ATM in Nigeria:

10 Best Loan Apps Without ATM Card In Nigeria 2022

Branch loan app
Aella loan app
Quick Credit loan app
Umba loan app
Renmoney loan app
OKash loan app
GTB Quick Credit loan app
Money in Minutes loan app
Quick Check loan app

Can I get loan without debit card?

Yes you can. A debit card is not mandatory condition to obtain a loan. In fact many micro-lending companies and loan apps do not require a debit card or an ATM card for loan. Once you can show that you have the capacity for repayment, either by your credit history, your present salary or your analysis of your bank statement, many of the loan apps will oblige you a loan. All the loan apps stated above will give you credit without a debit card.

Which is the best app to get instant loan in Nigeria?

Top 20 Loan Apps In Nugeria

Below is a list of the best apps to get instant loan in Nigeria: Please note that this rating is subject to review from time to time.

1. Branch

2. Carbon

3. Aella Credit

4. QuickCredit

5. Money in Minutes

6. FairMoney

7. Page Financials

8. Renmoney

9. Umba

10. Okash

11. QuickCheck

12. Migo

13. Zedvance

14. C24 Capital

15. GTB Quick Credit

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