Join The QLA Business Club: Let’s Shame The Loan Sharks!

No more threats, begging, blackmailing or defamatory messages from loan sharks or illegal and fake loan apps in Nigeria. 

Join The Shame the Sharks Campaign!

Join our campaign against loan sharks and illegal loan apps in Nigeria. Build a side business so you never get shagged by sharks again!

“The QUICK LOAN ARENA platform is your free voice to air your grievances, views and fight back against quick loan sharks by publishing your stories, shaming the sharks, campaigning against them and taking the fight to them with mass legal action.

“Regular writers who want to fight this scourge in our country are welcome to join us.

“As our website grows nationwide, we shall corner this money monsters and create a better, more human alternative to help you develop extra incomes with the QLA Business Club, so you never need to see another loan shark in your life again.

“Join our campaign today!

If they are pursuing you or harassing you, come to us. They are breaking the Law and we can protect you physically and legally. We can match them fire for fire with the full force of the Law.

“We can help provide you all the loan you want by leading you to the best and most reputale Loan Companies in Nigeria that meet our standards and also help you start a business of your own.

“Welcome to QUICK LOAN ARENA.”

Call or Whatsapp our business telephone: 0915 382 1578 for more details.

QLA Business Club is an initiative of QUICK LOAN ARENA, a subsidiary of Skytrend Consulting Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria.

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