‘I Can Never Install Any Loan App On My Phone Again’ — After Palmcredit Blacklisted This Young Lady’s BVN

Have you ever thought of being blacklisted by a loan app in Nigeria? Have you been thinking about the threats and shame tactics being employed by lending platforms to retrieve loan defaults in Nigeria? Have you ever been thinking that your BVN may be blacklisted if you are owing a digital bank money and be deprived further instant loan access?

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Dont get blacklisted by a loan app
Dont get blacklisted by a loan app in Nigeria

Then you are not alone! Read the painful story of this young lady whose name and BVN got blacklisted by a notorious lending platform, PalmCredit and got turned back when she wanted a loan from another platform. Read on!

A Nigerian lady has told QUICK LOAN ARENA that she can never install any loan app operating in Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter on her phone anymore not after suffering emotional torture and pain. She adds that a digital lender, PalmCredit blacklisted her BVN, making it impossible for her to access further loan in Nigeria.


Blacklisted By A Loan App In Nigeria
Blacklisted By A Loan App, PalmCredit In Nigeria

According to Modupe Olorunsola (not real names) who works in Lagos says: “I requested for loan in my bank, FCMB. However my account officer called me that Newedge Finance Limited that owns and manages PalmCredit has blacklisted my name through my BVN.”

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Modupe says though she collected loan from PalmCredit, it was since last year and she has since repaid it. She adds that she also collected from Fairmoney last year June but has been fully paid.

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She expressed disappointment over the action of PalmCredit loan app for blacklisting her name even when she wasn’t owing them any money. She says she knows many Federal government workers that have been facing hell on this loan apps in Nigeria issues. Some according to her collected 200k to pay back 600k.

Fajulugbe Titilayo is now calling on PalmCredit Loan app and its owner, Newedge Finance Ltd to lift the embargo on her BVN blacklisting so she can be able to borrow money from other financial institutions.

Palmcredit blacklisted my bvn
…After Palmcredit blacklisted my BVN

Top Management Staff Got Fired From Work After Sokoloan, LCredit Blacklisted Him, Sent Shame Messages To Boss, Staff Members

Earlier today we reported how a Nigerian worker resident in Lagos lost his very lucrative top job after the fake loan apps Sokoloan and LCredit sent defamatory and shame messages to his boss and other top management staff of his company where he works.

According to Olaoluwa Confidence (not real names) who works with an energy company in Victoria Island, he had borrowed money from both Sokoloan and LCredit, both part of our list of illegal loan apps in Nigeria, which at one time or the other have being banned and unbanned by Google Play Store.

He said he had needed the loan for a family emergency and was about to pay back when the online lending applications started sending threat and shame messages to all his contacts. He said all pleas to the loan apps fell unto deaf ears.

Olaoluwa adds that LCredit and Sokoloan didn’t stop at sending the threat messages to his family members, the apps extended the indecent act to his office workers and mamagement staff.

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He adds that it didn’t go down well with his company boss and he was consequently fired from work with a painful termination letter.

He told QUICK LOAN ARENA, “I was fired from my job because of LCredit and Sokoloan threat messages to my contacts. My boss and other members of executives on my contact list received the defamatory messages and that was the end of the job for me. But we move…”

Also on Thursday a Nigerian customer, Owoeye Hannah lamented the several blackmails, defamatory messages and threats from loan apps, adding that such can cause borrowers to commit suicide, and warning that the Federal government should quickly halt the trend of excesses from these digital lenders.

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According to Owoeye who spoke to this reporter on Social Media laments the way and manner loan apps in Nigeria threaten their customers and talking rudely to them like they don’t matter. Some go as far as refrring to their customers and borrowers as ‘crazy’, ‘stupid’ and all manner of derogatory statements.

Owoeye urges the Nigerian government to regulate the threats from loan apps and demand that they abide by the rules of the game and be civil in their operations.

She says the threats from loan apps can be dismaying with some coming even a day or the very day the loan repayment falls due. She wants the loans in Nigeria to give provision and moratorium for repayment even after the due date.

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