Chipper Cash Review: How Does Chipper Cash Work?

You must have been searching for a real Chipper Cash review to know how it works but haven’t come across anyone that answers all your great questions. That is totally okay because, in this review, I’m going to explain to you how Chipper cash work and how you can start using it to send money across the borders.

To begin with, let’s start with the basic question;

What Is Chipper Cash and How Does Chipper Cash Work?

Chipper cash is one of the most valuable fintech companies in Africa backed by Silicon Valey led investment with Jeff Bezos being a major investor.

Chipper cash simply works by signing up for an account that gives you access to an account number and you can start funding your account, send money to friends and families and also receive money from anyone.

Chipper cash also enables you to send and receive money across borders. If you need money from a family in Kenya here in Nigeria, with the Chipper cash app, you don’t need to visit the bank. Your family can use the chipper cash app to send money from Kenya, Ghana, the United Kingdom, etc to you right here in Nigeria.

You don’t have to visit a bank and transactions are super fast and easy to run on the app.

Is Chipper Cash Legal?

The question if Chipper cash is legal is a very important one. Chipper cash is a legal company. It is backed by some top venture capital investors.

In 2020, the startup raised $30m in a Series B funding round that was led by Ribbit Capital venture which attracted the participation of Bezos Expeditions, the personal VC fund of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Chipper cash has over 3 million customers and runs about 50,000 transactions per day globally with a presence in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, United Kingdom, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

So, yes, Chipper Cash is confirmed to be a legal company hence why top investors are investing in the startup.

Chipper Cash WhatsApp Number?

Many people are asking if Chipper Cash has a WhatsApp Number? Unfortunately, there is no Chipper Cash WhatsApp number.

Because it is a multinational fintech company, Chipper cash doesn’t own or provide any customer support number. You can only contact them via in-app chat, by reading support articles on their support sub-website, or by chatting with them on their support website’s live support widget.

Is My BVN Safe with Chipper Cash?

Yes, your BVN is very safe with the Chipper cash. Before a company can have access to Nigeria’s financial technologies governed by CBN, it needs some levels of authorization by CBN or other government agencies.

For Chipper cash to be able to collect and process your BVN for KYC, then it has such authorization which makes any information such as BVN you provide to them to be very safe with chipper cash.

How Does Chipper Cash Make Money?

Chipper cash is a fintech company and it provides multiple products that enable them to make money as profits.

Chipper cash in Nigeria, for instance, sells airtime and makes other bill payments easy which enables them to make extra profits.

The company also offers cryptocurrency investment, online payment gateway, stock marketing investment, debit cards, etc. However, most of these products and services are still under development.

Who is the CEO of Chipper Cash?

Ham Serunjogi is the current CEO and co-founder of Chipper cash company. He started building his career by working with different organizations including Facebook where he served as Global Accounts Intern in 2015 and as a client account manager in the UK from 2016 to 2018.

Which bank owns Chipper Cash?

Although Chipper cash has been backed by many VC banks including Rapid capitals and SVB Capitals but still, Chipper cash is not owned by any bank in the world. It is a fintech company on its own and operates as a company on its own across the globe.

Does Chipper Cash have an Account Number?

Yes, Chipper cash has an account number that you can use to fund money, and send and receive money using the same chipper account number.

To request a chipper cash account number, you’ll need to register for an account and verify your BVN. Once your BVN is verified, you’ll be given a Chipper account number instantly.

Does Chipper Cash work in the USA?

In 2021, Chipper cash announced it was now available in the US to enable people to send and receive money in the US and across borders. This means that your relatives in the US can as well send money to you in the UK, Nigeria, Uganda, etc without spending on high fees.


I hope that this Chipper Cash review helps you to understand how Chipper cash works and how you can start using it to help your cross-border transactions be seamless? If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, Coin Decimal is your go-to information portal for easy-to-understand and up-to-date information on crypto markets and other make-money-online opportunities.

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    1. stop spoiling them . they are paying and if you need refund go to the app and click refund . you will get it after inserting a screen shot of your transaction

  1. what address do i use when paying for international transaction with their virtual dollar card. The UX is a bit poor.

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