FairMoney Loan App: Terrible card linkage, unfair interest rate!

FairMoney loan app is widely regarded as one of the best loan apps for instant cash and funding in Nigeria. Various platforms have done reviews about the digital lender and have given them excellent mark. In fact if you are evaluating the first 5 best loan apps in Nigeria today, chances are you will be inclined to add FairMoney to your list.

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FairMoney Loan App: Customers Are Complaining About Difficulty in Linking Their ATM Card.

However our most recent findings reveal the instant loan app is presently having some difficulties managing their successes. One of the areas of challenge include the linkage of customers’ ATM cards. Many of the users interrogated complained about difficulties in getting their debit cards linked to the FairMoney system.

FairMoney Loan App: Customers Are Complaining About High Interest Rate

Yet some others are complaining that the loan app exorbitant and escalating interest rates. Many are asking if FairMoney is fair after all. The complaints are obvious from many of the feedbacks we got. The loan app will do well to look into this and make their interest rate moderate.

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FairMoney Loan App: Customers Are Complaining About Poor Customer Services

Many of the feedbacks we got from this top loan app are to the effect that the customer service of FairMoney is on the decline. The response time is getting poorer too. We believe this leading loan app can do better.


1. How do I apply for a FairMoney loan?

To apply for FairMoney loan, download the app by CLICKING HERE. The digital lender claims it takes only 5 minutes to get a FairMoney loan.

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