Sage Payroll Software For Small Business: Features, Reviews And Feedback

The Sage Payroll Software for Small Business is as important as it ‘mother’ Sage Accounting Software for small businesses. Accounting Software in generic terms is one of the most debated emerging issues in accounting information systems and development in 2022. According to a recent report compiled by Cloud Accounting Platform – Xero™ titled “Make or Break? An investigation into what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who fail”, 14% of small businesses who did not use accounting software to manage their finances failed.

Sage Payroll Software For Small Business
Sage Payroll Software For Small Business

Accounting Software enables organizations and their financial managers to save time and resource by enabling automation of their business processes. No matter your industry, with a customized solution, you can take care of everything from controlling cash flow to creating and sending invoices with award-winning small business financial software that delivers results.

Sage is one of the leading manufacturers of accounting software globally and many of the organisation’s software grades and of course the Payroll Software For Small Business that this article is focused on, have become industry standard for digitalization of small business processes and financial records.

Sage Payroll Software For Small Business: A Review

Sage Payroll software for small business is a cloud-based software that provides payroll services for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Sage Payroll Services offers additional beneficial capabilities for businesses like tax filing, accounting integration, and HR data management. Sage Payroll software for small businesses has three different plan options with pricing customized to a business’s individual needs.

Why Many Organizations Are Using Sage Payroll Software For Small Business

As a small business owner, your responsibilities are far-reaching and endless—they incorporate everything from big picture planning to day-to-day functions, like paying your employees. That being said, although running payroll is just one component of managing HR for small businesses, there’s no doubt it’s one of the most significant. With the complexity involved in executing payroll manually, therefore, many business owners turn to a payroll software to help with the process. And most times, Sage payroll for small businesses is always a standard and user friendly option.

Payroll software, like Sage Payroll, allows you to automatically pay your employees, manage deductions and withholdings, and file your taxes. But with a number of different payroll services on the market, how do you know if Sage is right for your business? This Sage Payroll review is here to guide you. We’ll go through the basics of Sage Payroll, the features of the platform, and the pricing, so that you can ultimately decide if Sage will best fit your needs.

Sage Payroll Software Reviews: The Basics

Sage Payroll software for small business is cloud-based payroll solution, which means users can access the system from anywhere they have internet access. At its core, Sage Payroll allows you to efficiently manage and automate your payroll process. Sage Payroll Software gives you the ability to pay your employees accurately and on time, whether through direct transfer, bank deposit, paycards, or business-generated checks.

Additionally, Sage Payroll Software for small business allows you to file your taxes, keep up-to-date on compliance, and manage employee data. Sage Payroll Services gives you the capability to integrate with a range of other software including accounting, HR management, time management, and payments. The service also offers customer support services, a six-month money-back guarantee, and access to the Sage Advice community.

Features Of Sage Payroll Software For Small Business

Sage Payroll Software for small business makes managing small company payroll services quick and compliant. Sick leave, bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, maternity leave, student loans, National Insurance – it’s all calculated automatically. And you can relax as we always update our payroll software with the latest compliance rules.

Specific features of Sage Payroll Software for small business include:

    1. Payments and deductions: Tax, statutory pay and National Insurance are all calculated with a few clicks.
    2. Real-time information (RTI): Submit your tax and NI data directly with HMRC recognised software.
    3. Workplace pensions: Automatically assess who’s entitled and send data to your workplace pension provider.
    4. Payslips, P60s and reporting: Print and email whatever you need, using a choice of neat templates and report formats.
    5. Simple and intuitive to use: You don’t need special training or dedicated staff to run payroll with confidence.
    6. 24/7 support: You’re never alone with our award-winning UK team of experts always available online and by phone.

Benefits of Payroll Software for small business

Sage Payroll software for small business is reliable, accurate and secure. Cut the time you spend on administration with the ideal solution for your business today and in future.

Compliance built in
There’s no need for specialist tax advice, tracking changes in rules and legislation, or manual interventions. We use the latest regulations as standard.

Flexible access
Sage cloud-based software means you can manage your payroll from anywhere at anytime using a Mac, PC, mobile or iPad. Plus, your employees can see their payslips and submit timesheets online too.

Sage payroll software for small business is easy and quick to set up and intuitive to use, you can run your payroll with confidence. According to Sage, the payroll systems for small business let you stay focused on building your future.

Different Plans For Sage Payroll Software For Small Business

The specific features included with Sage Payroll software for small business depends on the individual plan you select. Sage Payroll Services comes in three different plan options:

  1. Sage Payroll Essentials
  2. Sage Payroll Essentials Plus
  3. Sage Payroll Full Service

1. Sage Payroll Essentials

Sage Payroll Essentials is the most basic plan. Sage describes their payroll software plans on a spectrum of “I want to do payroll myself” to “I want someone to do payroll for me.” The Essentials plan falls on the former end of the spectrum. With this plan, you receive payroll services through Sage’s cloud platform.

As part of the Essentials plan, you can pay your employees (deductions and tax withholdings taken care of), automatically based on your payroll schedule. You can pay your employees through direct deposit, paycards, or you can print your own checks. With this plan, you must manually enter your employee and business information in order to set up payroll. Once everything is all set up, however, you will have access to all of your payroll data in one place. Furthermore, your employees will have the ability to log in and access their personal payroll information such as W-2s and pay stubs.

On par with Sage’s payroll spectrum, this plan requires that you file your taxes yourself. Additionally, with Sage Payroll Essentials, you can integrate with your accounting software, including of course, Sage accounting software. You also have the ability to integrate this payroll platform with software such as: time management, ACA compliance, payment processing, and human capital management tools.

At this level, Sage Payroll Services also includes comprehensive payroll reporting, access to their customer support team, an advice community as well as a six-month money-back guarantee.

2. Sage Payroll Essentials Plus

Payroll Essentials Plus is the second tier that Sage offers for their payroll software. On the spectrum we mentioned earlier, this plan falls slightly to the right of the Essentials option. The Essentials Plus plan covers everything included in the Essentials plan, with one major addition. Instead of filing taxes yourself, Sage Payroll Essentials Plus gives you the option to have it included in your plan. As such, tax filing for your business in the first three states is covered. This added tax service is truly the only difference between the Essentials and Essentials Plus plans.

3. Sage Payroll Full Service

The last Sage Payroll software for small business plan is Sage’s most comprehensive, aptly called Sage Payroll Full Service. This plan falls on the “I want someone to do payroll for me” end of the spectrum. With the Full Service option, Sage will take on the responsibility and manual processes associated with the Essentials and Essentials Plus Plans.

To explain, with Sage Payroll Full Service, you are paired with a dedicated service representative to set up your payroll and support specific needs. In addition to the payroll processing services included in the previous plans, with this tier, Sage will file and remit your taxes in all states and jurisdictions.

Furthermore, with the Full Service plan, Sage incorporates additional HR data management.

Sage Payroll HCM: An Extension of Sage Payroll Full Service

Although Sage Payroll HCM is not one of the three typical Sage Payroll Software for small business plans, it’s worth discussing in this context. As the name suggests, Sage Payroll HCM is essentially an extension of Sage Payroll Full Service.

Sage Payroll HCM starts with all of the capabilities of Sage Payroll Services and adds the tools of a human capital management system—recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding employees. With Sage Payroll HCM, you’ll get access to a career job portal to manage job descriptions and view candidate profiles. You can create and publish open jobs to various job searching platforms, manage applications, and generate reports. Once you’ve made your hiring decisions, you can use Sage to onboard new employees—giving them access to manuals, trainings, employment forms, and customizable workflow templates.

Cost Of Sage Payroll Software For Small Businesses

The cost of payroll services for small business is surprisingly affordable. Sage offers monthly subscriptions based on how many employees you have. Scaling-up your payroll is quick as you can add more employees and enjoy the same safe, reliable and convenient features.

1. Payroll Sage Business Cloud: One Month Free Version

According to Sage, with the sage payroll business cloud option, you can have  a free one month version. Sage claims with it, you can take control of your pay run from anywhere with their effortless cloud-based payroll solution to confidently prepare for a successful payroll year end.

Features included in the free version are:

  • Easy-to-use 4 step Do-It-Yourself cloud-based payroll
  • Avoid mistakes with fully HMRC compliant software
  • Automated payroll calculations and submissions
  • Employee self-serve access to secure payslips and P60s via app
  • Multi-user access providing unique individual logins and added security
  • Easily manage pension requirements and submissions
  • Access reporting to analyse your payroll and make informed decisions
  • Expert support whenever you need – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Easily switch to Sage with a simple setup and data import
  • Share access with your accountant
  • Automatically track your payroll data in Sage Accounting

You can get the above version 1 month free and then £7 / £12 / £17 / £27 / £37 / £52 / £77 / £102 (tier dependent) + VAT per month. Terms and conditions apply.

To get one month free version of the Sage Software for small business cloud edition, CLICK HERE.

2. Payroll Sage50 Cloud: One Month Free Version

The cost of the Payroll Sage50 Cloud starts from £29 + VAT per month. It has advanced desktop payroll solution, ideal for businesses with complex payroll needs. Features Include in this version are:

  • Desktop payroll for more complex businesses
  • Avoid mistakes with fully HMRC compliant software
  • Automated payroll calculations and submissions
  • Unlimited access to secure Employee Online Services Portal, including Online Payslips and P60s.
  • Detailed reporting to analyse your payroll and make informed decisions
  • Expert support whenever you need – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Multi-user, multi-company available

Sage Payroll Software Reviews And Feedback From Users

Some of the users’ reviews of Sage Payroll Software for small business praise the platform for being simple, easy-to-use, and good for their target demographic, small to medium-sized businesses. Users who like the software say that the payroll processing is efficient, accurate, convenient, and customizable. Many users say in general, using Sage Payroll saves them time, they appreciate the range of reporting features and they like that it can be accessed through the cloud and therefore, in many different places.

Additionally, it seems like many users of the Sage payroll software for small business report utilizing Sage Payroll in conjunction with one of their accounting platforms. Businesses that use multiple Sage products seem to appreciate the way that they work together.

In the reviews that highlight negative elements of Sage Payroll Services, users of sage payroll for small business have a few core complaints. First, many users dislike the user interface, claiming it’s slow, difficult to use, can be buggy, and is also outdated. In the same vein, users say the platform is complicated to set up, especially for deductions and payroll taxes and that the reporting features could be improved upon. Additionally, some say it’s not easy to manage complex employee information and payments with Sage.

On the whole, many users say that although it does what it needs to do, it could and should have more functionality. These customers write that the platform should have more features included. Furthermore, some users who have multiple Sage products, in contrast to other reviews, feel that the integration is inadequate.

It’s also worth noting that the Sage Payroll software for small business reviews out there are generally conflicted in terms of what users think of the price. Since Sage Payroll pricing is quoted based on the individual business, this conflict makes sense, as the actual price of the software is going to vary depending on the customer. However, for consideration’s sake, we noticed that some users claim that the price is reasonable, while others feel it’s too expensive, especially considering the capabilities of the platform, as well as the amount of add-ons that are required. to extend what it can do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) On Sage Payroll Software For Small Business

1. What is Sage Payroll Software?

Sage payroll software is a cloud-based tool, simple, affordable and Easy to use. Sage users use it to manage payroll, bookkeeping, and financial operations for small and medium businesses.

2. How Does Sage Payroll Users use the Software to work?

Payroll users pay automatically to employees, record deductions, record customer and vendor, and file your taxes(state or federal), generated checks, and HRMS solution.

3. What Are The Key Features of Sage Payroll Software?

Key Features of Sage Payroll include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Hassle-free payroll
  • Automatically Reports
  • Real-Time ReportingCustomer & Vendor Record
  • Easily accrue employee holidays
  • Easily keep employee holidays
  • Employee Sick pay Maternity/Paternity, Overtime, Bonus and Pensions
  • Manage holidays and absence
  • Payments and deductions
  • Advanced Budgeting
  • 24/7 Help and Support

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