GOCASH: How sincere are the promises of this lending app?

GOCASH: How sincere are the promises of this lending app?

One question that comes to mind everyday is, is there a digital lending app that can be truthful about its services and operations? QUICK LOAN ARENA understands that many of the digital lending apps are not outrightly bad but still, they do not come clean when it comes to what they truly offer customers. In this time of economic depression and underemployment, many workers find it convenient and a good alternative to resort to lending apps for help before payday arrives.

GOCASH a lending app hosted on Google Playstore which gives unsecured quick loan makes several mouth watering claims. However what GOCASH actually offer is completely different from what it claims to offer. Lets look at it.

GOCASH says its loan advantages are:

1. Loan up to NGN 300,000.

This is false. You have to start from the little amount of about N5,000 no matter your initial trasaction records, and hopefully climb the ladder but may never get to N300,000)

2. Without any mortgage.

3. Low interest rate

Even though its interest rate is “low”, it charges an illegal service charge which is very high, almost half of the loan amount they are approving.

4. Long time repayment 0f 60 – 360days

This is false. Most loans by GoCash is 7 – 14 days. They never usually give loan up to 2 months as required let alone  6 months limit they claim. May be 30 days in very rare occasion.

Nevertheless it seem GOCASH has some good positive reviews from customers on its loan offers. Many borrowers find their loans fast and convenient. Not considerable negative reviews is seen about them. Let us have a look.


Walton Our

To be honest, after downloading a few loan tools, I found that the payment amount is very small and very slow. I downloaded GOCASH and it is really good, the amount is high and the payment is fast, which is exactly what we need. I couldn’t borrow money everywhere, so my friend introduced it here….

Annah Skate

Really good loan software. It’s very good. If you need money in a hurry, you can use the fast loan. Very good amount. I didn’t expect that the 30,000 loan is so fast and a good loan mobile app. It’s very easy to use. Small loans can be fast The platform for borrowing money is very convenient. I borr…

Naail Rudyard

GOCASH is really good loan software. It’s really reliable. Borrowing is the only application I review. I have never seen Borrow Bar with such a professional application experience, fast borrowing full of dry goods! The flash silver app is very good. Very good. If you need money in a hurry, you can use the fas…

Caronila Harbert

GOCASH App is so good and nice.. Have been dealing with them for a while now and it’s so reliable. Thanks. the customer service should please be calming down sometimes talking on the phone with us. Especially me I can never run away with your money no never.. But try to talk in a good way. Anything may…

Juelian Upcraft

I have tried several second-speed loans, which are relatively secure, and the speed of disbursement is still OK. It is not a loan investment software, and it is worth downloading. It is a loan platform. It is very fast to repay loans and easy to operate. It can be repaid in installments to relieve p…

Pena Joshy

The personal loan service of GOCASH is really good. Some time ago, I didn’t have enough money for renovation, and I was short on hand: just use this loan app to make payments on the same day, and the loan is very convenient and fast! There are so many essences, which are helpful to people of every class. Don’…

Golden Retana

I downloaded GOCASH only after being introduced by a friend. After downloading, I am very satisfied. The interface is very well done and clear, and it is very good to use! Borrowing is also very convenient, it is strongly recommended that everyone download and use!

Guerra Tempest

The payment is fast, the procedures are simple, and the interest is low. It is worthwhile to use the money all the time. Fast repayment is convenient. It can be borrowed and repaid for 3 months and 6 months and 9 months. It can also meet different needs. Good helper software, no need to worry about …

Gilliam Domingo

The mobile loan borrowing platform is very practical. I have applied for borrowing money on it. The loan is very fast, the online functions are relatively fast and complete, and I personally think it is a good loan app. Many people choose this as a mobile loan, which is not troublesome, reliable and…

Summa Hambribe

GOCASH APP HAS SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES ! I have a lot of automatic drafts that come out of my account along with bills and sometimes things end up over drafting because I only get paid bi-weekly . The fact that they allow you to borrow money and they draft it from your account once your paid is the mos…

Brewer Cynthia

Very practical, very practical and convenient, a software full of love, like one, no explanation. Haha, you know it’s good after you get off. It’s not bad to solve the embarrassment of borrowing money from others to installment. It is easy to use, and the functions are still too few. As always, I tr…

Irwin Tiburcio

GOCASH app really came to my aid on multiple occasions when I needed it during this pandemic. There were times I was living paycheck-to-paycheck but the emergencies were too often to be waiting two weeks. gocash made it really easy for me to be able to get my money when I needed it without interest.

Lynch Pollak

This lending app is easier to use than you think. The first time you apply for a cash loan, you can make a payment on the same day. The amount is pretty good. The recommended mobile lending platform, Qianqianyi, is a very highly rated mobile lending platform, which is convenient for loans. , Very sa…

Lawrence Cripps

The confirmation link is relatively fast, the service process operation is relatively simple, and the assessment level is lacking. The overall aspect is given a full five points. I hope that the lack of improvement will be improved. In fact, some customers will not be scared off after reading the le…

Gibson Thoman

Mobile loan, reliable! The software helps emergency situations in which money is needed urgently~ The method of borrowing is convenient and fast, which can solve the urgent needs! Recommend recommended! The software is good and practical… It is inevitable that there will be a difficulty in life th…

Sims Forsythe

I’ve been using this app for about 3 years and it honestly is a life saver. My job changed my payment dates and I can easily get money from my next check ahead of time and it also lets me cash out the same day they debit from my account which is awesome! I recommend this app to everyone and they hav…

Ellionna Padwick

Mobile loan borrowing is fast. I have used it more than a dozen times. It is safe, reliable and guaranteed. The review is very fast. The threshold is low and the interest rate is low. You can apply for the same day and make the payment on the same day. It is the preferred platform for fast borrowing…

Moses Fahim

Best app! I LOVE this app! Whenever I need a few bucks or some cash to catch up on something before payday, gocash’ ALWAYS comes through! I love it. So reliable. I’ve been using it for some years and have only had an issue with it I think once and that had to do with maintenance or something. But I …

Oke Itunu Dorothy

Terrible app! I have always tried to log in to no avail. They always complain about my password even when I request for a link to reset, I never get it and yet they’ll tell me I can’t request for another one until the next 20 minutes.


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