Top 8 Best Mobile Instant Loan In Nigeria

It is time for QUICK LOAN ARENA to report on the top 5 best mobile instant loan in Nigeria requiring no collateral, documents or physical visit to the bank. These platforms can give you up to N500,000 instant loan for emergency quick cash or to shore up your business working capital, once you meet their basic requirements.

mobile loans in Nigeria
mobile instant loan in Nigeria

Mobile Instant Loan In Nigeria: 5 Online Banks Without Collateral Or Documents

It is impossible not to have a financial downturn either for your business or for your family or for yourself or even a critical need to meet living expenses or an emergency crisis. In such times, these specially researched mobile instant loan in Nigeria can be a great lifeline for some good funds of up to N500,000 or even more.

List Of 5 Best Mobile Instant Loan in Nigeria for Instant Emergency Cash

    1. Gtb Quick Credit
    2. Lendigo
    3. Wema Bank Alat
    4. C24 Capital
    5. QC Advance
    6. Carbon
    7. FairMoney
    8. Zedvance

1. GTB Quick Credit

GTB Quick Credit is our 1st pick on the list of top 8 best mobile instant loan in Nigeria offered by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, a leading deposit money financial institution in Nigeria. The scheme is a time loan accessible to Salary and non-salary account holders.

Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, the bank promises that prospective customers can now get the much needed cash instantly, with a repayment plan spread over 6 – 12 months. Quick Credit funds you up to N5million at an interest rate of 1.5% monthly with no hidden charges.

For more information about GTB Quick Credit mobile loans, CLICK HERE

To Apply for GTB Quick mobile loans, CLICK HERE

2. Lendigo

Lendigo is our 2nd pick on our list of top 8 best mobile instant loan in Nigeria with no collateral having a vision to become Nigeria’s leading financial institution dedicated to small businesses through technology and innovative practices.

Lendigo provides easy, fast, flexible and reliable access to working capital to Nigerian SMEs according to their individual requirements and suited to their business and finance needs.

You can easily apply for a business loan on the Lendigo App at a very low interest rate, and get it credited straight into your account, even if your business is not yet registered.

For more information about Lendigo mobile loans, CLICK HERE.

To apply for Lendigo mobile loan, CLICK HERE.

3. Wema Bank ALAT

Wema Bank ALAT is a low-interest platform and it is our 3rd pick on our list of mobile instantloan in Nigeria meant specially for salary earners whether such person is an existing customer or not.

Riding on its reputation of offering seamless financial services, Wema Bank introduced ALAT to ensure customers have access to the salary-based quick loan without any form of paperwork. All you need to do is to download the ALAT app or use the ALAT web page without any collateral required.

With the quick online loans scheme, salary earners will be able to receive a minimum of N50,000 and up to N2,000,000 within hours and will have between 3 to 24 months to pay back with only 2% interest rate per month on a reducing balance basis.

For more information about Wema Bank ALAT mobile loans, CLICK HERE.

To apply for Wema Bank ALAT mobile loan, CLICK HERE.

4. C24 Capital

C24 Capital is our 4th pick on the list of top mobile instant loan in Nigeria. It is a lending platform that promises to create an avenue for people to actualize opportunities around them, by having access to money when they need it.

C24 Platform offers mobile loans with low interest rates and a simple repayment plan to customers. The least amount that can be accessed is (forty thousand naira (N40,000) and the maximum for a new customer is seven hundred and fifty thousand naira (N750,000) while existing customers can get up to One million naira(1,000,000) this depends on borrower’s ability to repay based on income level and other selection criteria which will be verified.

For more information about C24 Capital mobile loan, CLICK HERE.

To apply for C24 Capital mobile loan, CLICK HERE.

5. QC Advance

QC Advance is our 5th pick on the list of our top 8 best mobile instant loan in Nigeria with the lending platform being managed by QC Advance Services Company Limited located in Lagos. The platform is set up to provide access to quick cash in the fastest and simplest way possible.

The organization provides fast loans at competitive interest rates for individuals and businesses to meet their urgent financial needs without collateral.

QC Advance Services Company Limited commenced operations in January 2018. From this date, they claim to have put smiles on the faces of numerous Nigerians by assisting them with quick loan in the fastest way possible – without any form of stress on them.

For more information about QC Advance mobile loans, CLICK HERE.

To apply for a QC Advance mobile loan, CLICK HERE.

6. Carbon

Loan Apps In Nigeria For Instant Cash
Top 8 Best Mobile Instant Loan In Nigeria 2022

Carbon, formerly known as Paylater, is our 6th pick on the list of top mobile instant loan in Nigeria.

Digital loan from Carbon do not require collateral or guarantors. At your first try, you may not be able to access big cash, you start by borrowing small, and paying back as at when due, then you can have access to bigger funds.
The loan app platform is available 24/7. You can apply for instant cash on weekends and holidays and get a quick loan.

To download the app on Google Play Store CLICK HERE.

To download the app on Apple Store for iOS devices, CLICK HERE.

7. FairMoney

Loan Apps In Nigeria For Instant Cash
Top 8 Best Mobile Instant Loan In Nigeria 

FairMoney is our 7th pick on our list of reputable mobile instant loan in Nigeria for quick cash borrowings.

Loan amounts range between ₦1,500 to ₦1,000,000 with repayment periods from 61 days to 18 months at monthly interest rates that range from 2.5% to 30% (APRs from 30% to 260%)

You can download the FairMoney app on Google Play Store and apply for your loan by clicking here.

8. Zedvance

Zedvance, one of the top mobile instant loan in Nigeria for quick cash, offers loan packages that cater to all your financial needs regardless of what they may be. The company claims an eligible individual or small business can get up to N5million quick loan in 5 hours.

It’s the 8th on our list of mobile instant loan in Nigeria without collateral. Zedvance claims if you have a full-time job and wish to start a side business, you can borrow up to N5 million and repay it over a period of 18 months. No hidden charges.” With Zedvance Instant Loan, you have the choice to a flexible mode of payment almost at the point of need. Depending on who you bank with, you could have the funds in your account within the hour.

To apply for Zedvance loan, you have to, sign up first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mobile Instant Loan in Nigeria.

Which app gives loan without ATM?

The following are the apps that give loan without ATM in Nigeria:

Branch loan app
Aella loan app
Quick Credit loan app
FairMoney loan app
Umba loan app
Renmoney loan app
OKash loan app
GTB Quick Credit loan app
Money in Minutes loan app
Quick Check loan app

Can I get loan without debit card?

Yes you can. A debit card is not mandatory condition to obtain a loan. In fact many micro-lending companies and loan apps do not require a debit card or an ATM card for loan. Once you can show that you have the capacity for repayment, either by your credit history, your present salary or your analysis of your bank statement, many of the loan apps will oblige you a loan. All the loan apps stated above will give you credit without a debit card.

Top 10 Apps That Give Urgent Loan In Nigeria Without Documentation

11. QuickCheck

12. Migo

13. Zedvance

14. C24 Capital

15. GTB Quick Credit

Do You Need Reputable And Reliable Loan Apps For Quick And Emergency Cash?

Instant Loan Apps In Nigeria In Minutes
 Instant Loan Apps In Nigeria Have Changed The Dynamics of The Loan Industry

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